Hi guys,

I have acer timeline 5810T, 2 thinks are not working to me

-> changing brightness in gnome (can be workaround-ed by changing using xrandr to native mode)

It is even mentioned in logs :
un 12 20:58:14 david kernel: [ 27.320635] acer-wmi: Acer Laptop ACPI-WMI Extras
Jun 12 20:58:14 david kernel: [ 27.378719] acer-wmi: Brightness must be controlled by generic video driver
Jun 12 20:58:14 david kernel: [ 27.378856] acer-wmi: software RFKILL enabled
It must be bug of gnome-power-settings

-> shut down / or reboot. I have AHCI enabled in bios
The strange is that I could not found something relevant in logs.
During restart / reboot it hangs on blicking pointer . When pressed ctrl+alt+del I will recieve an info about shuttind down all md0 raids or something related and it finally restarts.