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Thread: Sync ipodTouch 2G easy Guide

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    Post USB Sync ipodTouch 2G easy Guide

    Here is a simple guide for those with minimal computer experience and a Jailbroken device.

    1. Go to Google and search iFuse

    2. The instructions are there follow as explain.

    3. Plug your touch or iphone they will both be recognize as iphones.

    4. Download from Cydia VLC player.

    *WARNING* If you dont know how to SSH or have WI-FI in your computer putting folders in the device will not allow you to erase them later unless you SHH your device but you will be able to erase any other file such as movie or MP3 (not the folder tho). Also placing songs next to your previews play-list of songs that you sync with iTunes could be deleted if you try to copy songs or place songs there so is better to do it in a empty folder.

    5. Place songs in any folder of your device

    6. Search were you put the song in VLC as it can check every folder in your device.


    Fun facts:

    This is good since in 6 months or less they are going to make iFuse even better because right now is only for developers so when is polish you wont have to jailbreak and i dont have to use VLC player but VLC takes all formats even oog and all video formats is as easy as drag and drop but be careful dont put folders since for some reason i cant erase them only songs and movies alone and you can erase folders via SSH that is the only way i found.

    Any thing anyone what to add that will improve this process are welcome?
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