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Thread: Evolution Duplicate contats

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    Evolution Duplicate contats

    Hi this will be my first thread with some info so if at the wrong place please bear with me...

    Back ground:

    I just received my new HTC diamond and used sync ml to synchronize all my contacts for some or other reason I had half of om contacts duplicated.

    How to remove duplicates in Evolution (my way)

    NB: Make a back up of all your contacts before attempting to do this

    1) Create a new local address book and call it "Duplicate finder"
    2) Select all the contacts in you address book that contains the duplicates
    3) Copy all the selected contacts to your newly created address book (Duplicate finder)
    4) Evolution will now ask you if you want to keep or delete the duplicate contacts.
    5) When the process is done backup all your contacts again!
    6) Select and delete all your contacts in your original address book that contained the duplicates.
    7) Copy all the contacts in your "Duplicate finder" address book
    8) Paste them into you original address book.

    That should rid you of all those duplicates in your address book.
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