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Thread: Ldap replication

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    Ldap replication

    Hi all,

    Pl. excuse if its wrong place to post. But redirect to me to best place.

    I have Ldap up and working setup around 4 yrs ago in my organization by some other person. This is used by ftp,mail,webserver,proxy..etc.

    Load being high I am noticing significant delay in authenticating, Hence I want to replicate onto ubuntu server edition.

    Pl. lettme know how to do this??
    Now that I have installed openldap. How to Export and Import data & settings from one to other?
    Any other good option?


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    Re: Ldap replication

    I only used slurpd which is now replaced by syncrepl, I haven't set it up yet. The openldap documentation has always been very solid.

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