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    ubotuTN introductions

    I am pleased to announce ubotuTN to the Tennessee Team

    ubotuTN is an IRC bot designed for the Tennessee LoCo's IRC channel. #ubuntu-us-tn, on Freenode. It contains
    • a factoid database that is up to date with the original ubotu on Freenode. See
    • an Ubuntu bug searching plugin
    • hopefully more features to come

    Because ubotuTN is developed on top of rbot, this bot is fully functional. For a list of rbot's features see

    Check out ubotuTN's homepage at You can grab the source by issuing this command
    sudo apt-get install bzr
    and then
    bzr branch
    Please feel free to contribute bugs, patches, or anything else to help make this project better.


    Feedback is appreciated
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