Okay, I have a Thinkpad 600E running Xubuntu with the following specs:

400MHz Pentium 2
Integrated graphics
60GB 5,200 RPM Drive, ATA-3 (I think, that or ATA-4)

And an old Gateway running Debian Lenny:

400MHz Pentium 2 Celeron
ATI Integrated Graphics
60GB, 7,200RPM drive, ATA-3, really old though, so it's really slow.

The Debian Gateway blows the Xubuntu install out of the water! This shouldn't be happening, I mean, the Thinky is clearly a bit faster than the Gateway, and the Debian install uses GNOME, my person favorite GUI.

So, I've determined the issue- the Debian install uses the Linux i686 Kernel, the Xubuntu uses Generic i386. This seems to be the issue to me. I want my install to be more effiecient in every way possible, so I can have that system completely usable. Not only that, but since ever I ran 7.04 on that system, I can't get the audio drivers to work the way I could get the old ones to work. Hopefully by doing this I can get my system running better.

So yeah..

I messed around with custom kernels on FreeBSD a while back, but never with Linux. And that was a long time ago, I haven't used FreeBSD in forever, and forgot how I did it then.

So, how can I compile a custom kernal for my system? Thanks in advance.