I would appreciate some tips on quickly navigating the Ubuntu web-based forums (like this one) using speech and/or

I've tried with Orca using Firefox; I've tried with JAWS using Firefox and IE in Windows, and I've even tried Lynx
with speakup and brltty.

I'm an experienced user and administer a Hardy server running typical server apps as well as mythtv. I am
constantly searching the forums for answers to questions.

With all screen access, I find that irrelevant information is repeatedly read, and the pages have no structure,
like subheadings, to make navigation efficient. For example, I'm not interested in when each poster joined, how
many beans and cups of ubuntu he had (whatever that means) whether he's online and how many posts he's made in the past. I don't want
to read repeatedly through* each poster's other details, like his messaging contact screen names, or his location
or the version of the software he's running. I don't know what all this "a care for ubuntu" and "dark roasted
ubuntu" stuff means either, but it appears in front of each post and slows down my search for information.

My sighted husband breezes thru these forums and in minutes, he *retrieves info it takes me hours to locate.

Can anyone explain what's going on, and why the ubuntu forums are such a nightmare to navigate with access
Does anyone have solutions for getting through a large number of posts efficiently?