I am trying to get F5D7051 to work with my ubuntu installation . I have done the following
0. used f5d7051 on pc with xp and it works
1. used ndiswrapper with ndis driver on cd which came with F5D7051. The ndis driver is different from above , this usb wifi was brought less than a month ago , so its new . I think it may have a different chipset to the previous ones , its still broadcom but 438? or something similar. I may be wrong here. The ndis driver causes the ndswrapper to abend , and hang if i do ndswrapper -l . There is "core" dump messages in the messages.log file . I used the latest ndiswrapper as well as the one supplied with the latest release ubuntu , same result.
2. tried the method suggest above with the f5d7051.exe driver . This does loads but has an error 22 , and says it cannot initialise the device , in the messages log
Has anyone any suggestion on how I should proceed ?