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Thread: Are there any "PCI-E" sound cards that *will* work?

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    Are there any "PCI-E" sound cards that *will* work?

    Are there any "PCI-E" sound cards that will work with Ubuntu 8.10 (or better)?

    I made the mistake of believing that Creative's release of drivers (to support the Sound Blaster Titianium PCI-E card on Linux) was the same as having working drivers for the card/os. I see that this has been in the alsa queue forever, and that people claim to have this working (I'm skeptical, since they didnt post the steps to make it happen -- they post the threads that "contain" the magic code).

    My options are:
    1) Revert to windows.
    2) Live without sound.
    3) Wait for the Alsa group.
    4) Buy another card that does work.

    Im running a Dell PowerEdge T300, 2.6.27-11-generic, 8.10, if that makes any difference.


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    Re: Are there any "PCI-E" sound cards that *will* work?

    The Creative Titanium XFi/PCI-E works with Jaunty!

    (You still need to make/install the Creative Drivers by hand, this is not too hard, even for someone new to Ubuntu (There are many threads that have the steps but Its basically:
    1) download the XFiDrv_Linux_Public_US_1.00.tar.gz

    2) untar it (you should be able to double click on it)

    3) open a terminal window, and cd to the folder created

    There is a readme that says:
    1) Goto source directory (Youre already there)
    2) Execute make command as root
    make install

    4) Reboot.


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