Hi All,

I am using text console (tty1) in Ubuntu 0904 by pressing ctrl-alt-F1. X session keeps running in tty7 but I just want to use CLI for sometimes. It is all OK until I logout the console. After I logout, it automatically switch back to X session in tty7. However, I don't want this because I am still going to do something in tty1. I try to use tty2, tty3, ..., tty6, but each of them switch back to X session after logout. This is not good because it force me to press c-a-Fn to switch to text console again. I just want to stay at console after logout and then I can re-login immediately using another account.

I tried to remove .bash_logout but with no success.

How can I stay at text console to continue using CLI after logout? Why does Ubuntu do this to force me to use X? I switch to console because I want to use CLI. And I can press c-a-F7 whenever I want to return to X. But Ubuntu should let me decide when to switch back. It should not force me to switch and make decision for me.

Anyone knowing how to disable this please help me.