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Thread: shrinking NTFS partition

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    shrinking NTFS partition

    Hi everyone,

    I'm a newbie to unbuntu, although not to computers in general. I'm trying to dual-boot on a 5 year old IBM PC, and my problem is exactly the same as in an old thread:

    I tried to post to that thread but wasn't allowed. I want to shrink an NTFS partition - it has files in the middle of the disk, and is thoroughly defragmented - but defragmenting won't MOVE the files to the BEGINNING of the partition. Obviously the Windoze defrag prog can't be bother to move files if they are not fragmented. I've tried to find freeware to sort this without success. Any help would be most appreciated.

    I'd much rather not have Windoze, but I share this computer with people who want it.

    I've also tried running defrag in safe mode with no paging file. There are still files in the middle of the partition I want to shrink.
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