I'm reposing this from General Help, where it has become lost in the noise.

I regularly use rsync to transfer projects between two machines.

Recently (as in the last week) when I rsync between two fully updated Hardy systems I get a heap of junk dumped to my terminal:

$rsync --rsh=ssh -a -z --progress abc@XXX:'Grow_scripts/Rewrite/*f90' .
receiving incremental file list
server_sender starting pid=14789
[sender] make_file(bridgepoints.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(bumpiness.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(checkassign.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(cleancalcdata.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(control.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(coords.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(dertrans.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(dotbfinvert.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(dotbuckleeig.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(dotmakevecs.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(dynamicvectors.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(eigconfid.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(Energy.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(explore_distance.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(factorial.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(findwfn.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(finitederiv.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(flag_geoms.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(makeperms.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(mask_potfile.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(nullperms.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(objective_dummy.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(objective_perm.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(objective_rots.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(overlaps2dia.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(permassign.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(permutations.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(plotter.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(potfile.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(propagate.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(ptob.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(ptob-perm.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(report-setup.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(rotopt.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(safeopen.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(sanitize.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(saperms.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(scanpotfile.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(search.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(smoothness.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(sort.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(sv_test.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(system.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(transforms.f90,*,0)
[sender] make_file(weights.f90,*,0)
send_file_list done
send_files starting
send_files phase=1
send_files phase=2
send files finished
total: matches=0  hash_hits=0  false_alarms=0 data=0

sent 11 bytes  received 3205 bytes  2144.00 bytes/sec
total size is 153380  speedup is 47.69
Previously (as in last week) that command would have only output the first and two last limes. When things were transferred I'd get progress messages, as per --progress.

--quiet will make all the junk go away, but then I get zero feedback.

When I rsync from/to one of these machines to/from other, non-Ubuntu machines I get the expected three line output that I used to get between the Hardy boxes.

a) Has anyone else experienced this?
b) What is causing it? Recent updates have been to firefox, xulrunner, gnome-system-tools, php5, apport, clamav etc. Nothing that's obviously related to rsync or ssh. It is very annoying.