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Thread: wireless at boot time instead of login time

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    Question wireless at boot time instead of login time

    Hi folks.

    I'm running xubuntu 9.04, and I have wireless configured so that it connects to my household wireless network. I'm using WEP encryption, and I don't broadcast the SSID.

    Anyway, I've accomplished this through the nm-applet (a simply horrible piece of software). But, what I want is for the wireless connection to be established at boot time, not after I've logged in.

    Is there any way to find out what commands nm-applet is running to establish the connection and somehow have them executed at boot time?


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    Re: wireless at boot time instead of login time

    > WEP wireless at boot time

    well, my method is to have a script called "wireless" in
    /usr/local/sbin, then to call it from /etc/rc.local. The
    script is

    ifconfig wlan0 up
    iwconfig wlan0 essid chris
    iwconfig wlan0 channel 11
    iwconfig wlan0 mode managed
    iwconfig wlan0 key 1234567890
    iwconfig wlan0 key open
    dhclient wlan0

    modify to suit your environment.
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