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    Talking Darker theme (brown)

    Someone had made a comment about my custom theme they saw in a screenshot I posted in another thread so I decided to put a little more time into it and release it for everyone's enjoyment.

    It's not complete, I can't say this enough times, I consider it only about 70% done but done enough that I can share with you all. As I noted on the user style page, there aren't some classes or id's where you'd expect them to be and some things are just designed weird, so I had to do some CSS2 select tricks to wrangle up the code. I'll be sorting them out and refining the color scheme in the future, so stay posted.

    I've posted the style on, you need Stylish or another client-side script handler to use it.

    I'd appreciate it if you left support comments on the user style page but if you don't feel like signing up you can post them here. Just bare in mind, I plan on refining the style a bit more.


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