I just wanted to send a quick hello to the Tennesseans. I've been using Ubuntu/Xubuntu since 7.04 (tried 6.04, but couldn't get wireless working and gave up). I've been kind of a lone wolf on the forums since '07. I recently got a Macbook (you don't have to say it...), crashed OSX and lost just about everything. So, after giving OSX a try, I'm back with linux and loving every minute of it. I spent my time on OSX trying to figure out how to get things the way I like them and was never able to. So when it crashed, I said, "good riddance," and had Jaunty set up within a few days.

I'm no hacker, but I've learned a thing or two over the past couple years, so I hope I can help out a little here and there.

So if there's anyone from Chattanooga, drop me a line.