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Thread: "desktop effects" problems with macbook 3,1

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    Question "desktop effects" problems with macbook 3,1

    I had the latest version of jaunty installed on my macbook 3,1. Desktop effects worked fine until the latest updates where they wont enable.

    Today I installed the latest 32-bit version of jaunty because I could never get my air apps to authenticate under ubuntu64. When it first loaded my desktop effects were enabled. After I ran the updates and restarted my computer desktop effects were set to none and I get a "Desktop effects could not be enabled" error if I try and re-enable them.

    Is there a FIX for this? Should I just wait until jaunty is released? enable proposed or backports?

    Sorry, I'm somewhat of a noob...

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    Re: "desktop effects" problems with macbook 3,1

    Do a search of the main forum. In the latest update, an intel video card was blacklisted, so that broke compiz. There are more details and ways to get it working again.

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