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    Quote Originally Posted by Please Help View Post
    Hi there!

    I went to the Lexmark website to download the Z35 driver for Ubuntu (Linux), selected the Linux/Unix tab, and no OS comes up!
    Is there anything else that I can do please?

    I only started using Ubuntu this year, and am only having problems installing the driver for my Lexmark Z35 Colour Jet Printer.

    Any suggestions would be appreciated!

    I had the same problem for a Z65 model. It seems Lexmark don't want to support Linux drivers anymore
    I'd suggest using google to search for the driver file from an archive site.
    eg. looks
    to have the Z35 driver file: CJLZ35LE-CUPS-1.0-1.TAR.gz
    Download this file and follow the instructions on this forum changing
    the file name references to your driver filenames.
    I did this with a Z65 driver file: CJLZ65LE-CUPS-1.0-1.TAR.GZ
    and finally got a successful test page. Using this HOWTO I got it
    working in about 15 mins!
    The key for my system (KUbuntu 8.10) was the /etc/fstab file update,
    plus needed to install v5 of libstdc++:
    sudo aptitude install libstdc++5

    Unfortunately I didn't find this HOWTO first and was trying an
    install method from an older forum topic specifically for Z65 which didn't work which wasted a few hours beforehand.
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