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Thread: How to KVM (Kernal virtual Machine)

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    Re: How to KVM (Kernal virtual Machine)

    Using Ubuntu Desktop 8.10 x64 (and my CPU has VT-x)

    Can you please help for some novice questions

    Q1. Is it OK to install KVM using Synaptic Package Manager? There is a kvm package there, how is it different compared to the "sudo apt-get ..." you listed above?

    Q2. Is it OK to run KVM on Ubuntu Desktop 8.10 x64? (Just for learning purposes). If yes, after KVM is installed, does it change anything? I mean can I still continue to use Ubuntu Desktop as before?

    Q3. You have listed a lot of command line instructions. Is there any GUI front end? to manage KVM server or guest VM image, etc. Similar to "Workstation" products like Virtualbox.
    EDIT: I saw you mentioned virt-manager. Is it the only GUI for KVM?

    Q4. Is there any utility to convert VM image from VMWare Workstation (VMDK) or from Virtualbox (VDI) into native KVM disk format?

    Thanks in advance.
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