So I've installed the latest Ubuntu and now I can't connect to my router. No problems while there was no security whatsoever. However, since I put the security up, WPA2-PSK with AES encryption (I think I took the tecnhical name correctly ) I can't connect anymore. It asks me the pass over and over again. I read this stuff about doing manual connection with wpa-supplicant instead of using gnome's network manager interface, but it's hard for me to config. Still, I want to know whats wrong.
I also had a problem when Ubuntu is loading it says PM cap regs version 7 something. I found here: that it was related to the version of some PCI. Just to say in case that's the problem (I don't think so, given that, if the problem was in the network card it wouldn't work with security off anyway). Nevermind this paragraph if it isn't relevant. What I really miss is my internet connection. I need it badly, in order to work.