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Thread: Always show window, but not "on top" - possible?

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    Always show window, but not "on top" - possible?

    I leave Thunderbird open all day. I have it up on a second monitor, where most of the time it is visible. However, there are times I pull up other things on that monitor. What I'd like to do (if it's even possible) is somehow display the window through the others using transparency.

    I know of a few ways to make this semi-work already: I can set Thunderbird as always on top and make it partially transparent, or I can make the top windows semi-transparent and leave Thunderbird on the bottom until needed. The problem with the first solution is I can't manipulate the windows behind Thunderbird if it is always on top. The problem with the second is that if multiple windows are open, each adds an additional layer to view through. Also, new windows have to be adjusted to be transparent if on that display.

    So does anyone know of a way to make a window viewable at all times without setting it on top of other windows? My current solutions are workable, but it's always nice if there's a better way.

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    Re: Always show window, but not "on top" - possible?

    Try Opacify Plugin in compiz, it will automatically make windows transparent that are above the one ur cursor is on.

    N.B. you will need ccsm for this.
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    Re: Always show window, but not "on top" - possible?

    I think what you're looking for is known as the ghost plugin (for Compiz-Fusion). Look at this vid and see if it suits your needs:

    and a thread in the compiz forums about it

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    Re: Always show window, but not "on top" - possible?

    wow.. thanks doji.... i was looking for this also, is there any easy way to install on intrepid?

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