Hi all.
I'm a bit of a newbie to Linux and Ubuntu really, but I want to install a copy of Ubuntu Server Edition (possibly version 6.06/6.10, rather than 8.10, as I only have 128MB of RAM and 512MB storage to play with), but on a system which has no CD drive - it can only boot from a USB drive or via the network.

Is there a simple way to put Ubuntu Server Edition on it??

I have tried downloading a Server Edition .iso file (ubuntu-6.06.2-server-i386.iso), and putting that on a USB stick with UNetbootin - but when I run it, it still moans about not being able to find the CD drive... I have also tried the 'alternative install' CD .iso... again with no luck...

I can install 'standard' Ubuntu using the '6.10_NetInstall' version, and that works 100% - but is there an equivalent simple way for the Server Edition??? (as I don't really understand what PXE, GRUB, etc is!)...

Any help would be amazing!