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Thread: Bought Edimax EW-711UAn need help - i'm a noob

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    Angry Bought Edimax EW-711UAn need help - i'm a noob

    Hi guys, really need your help - i'm a total noob and really, REALLY want to switch over to Linux. Downloaded Ubuntu 8.10 and installed (dual-boot) but my Airpace Wireless Adapter would just not work with Linux, so bought Edimax EW-711UAn adapter today and have downloaded the Linux Source Code files from their web site which came in a ZIP file.

    I have unpackaged them onto a USB data stick the files are named:


    I have not got a clue what to do next!!!

    Any help or advice would really be appreciated!

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    Re: Bought Edimax EW-711UAn need help - i'm a noob

    Seeing as this is a new post..and I'm a new member looking for similar help, I will post my troubleshooting problems on here.

    I too recently got Ubuntu 8.10 Desktop Edition on a CD. I booted the CD but didn't change anything, I just wanted to look around. All was well, save that I couldn't get internet access. The odd thing is, I couldn't get the internal wireless adapter to even turn on. Usually, when running windows, there is a little blue light when the adapter is on, and when running ubuntu i couldnt get it to turn on. Maybe its because I was running it off a cd?

    Anyway, I don't know much about computers, or linux for that matter, so I can foresee myself having trouble. I will repost later.

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