I’m looking for a Python coder who wants to work on this project with me.

2nd speech center allows text to be read to you immediately after you highlight it and hit copy, through right click or whatever. This has been great for reading my pdf python book and other books, emails, etc., but I haven't found a way to do it in Linux as nicely as it’s done in windows. I want to create software in Python to do the same thing except it will use existing text to speech engines, so that part doesn’t need to be coded. 2nd speech center runs in wine, but it can't read the clipboard unless it's the active window (big annoyance). It comes with a command line version that works just fine under wine. All the python program has to do is read from the clipboard and pass it to the command line 2nd speech center commands immediately or other text to speech command line software such as festival or espeak. If you’d like to try 2nd speech center, It’s about 4 mb big, but great program. I make mp3s of stuff and take it on my phone to listen anywhere. I've got notes I saved from irc with 2 ways to read from the clipboard in Linux. One way is Gnome specific, and the other is for X, so it works in both Gnome and KDE.