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Thread: labview install errors

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    labview install errors

    Hey there. I'm trying to install labview into ubuntu by following instructions I found here

    My problem is that I forgot to put the command --scripts while I was running an rpm file through alien, so I got this:

    finley@squid:~/LV8pkg$ sudo alien -k labview85-core-8.5-1.i386.rpm
    Warning: Skipping conversion of scripts in package labview85-core: postinst postrm prerm
    Warning: Use the --scripts parameter to include the scripts.

    so then i tried this:
    finley@squid:~/LV8pkg$ sudo alien -k --scripts labview85-core-8.5-1.i386.rpm

    and got

    mkdir: cannot create directory `labview85-core-8.5': File exists
    unable to mkdir labview85-core-8.5: at /usr/share/perl5/Alien/ line 257.

    So basically I need to fix this problem without completely killing my previous efforts and my computer. Any ideas?

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    Re: labview install errors

    Easiest thing is just to start over and delete that folder.

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