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Thread: gromacs, can't run it

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    gromacs, can't run it

    I played safe and installed gromacs 3.3.2 using the synaptic package manager, and on searching it shows up green. However, I may be stupid, but after much searching I failed to run it. Please help an idiot?

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    Re: gromacs, can't run it

    You might try to see if this tutorial helps:
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    Re: gromacs, can't run it

    hi there, im not a english speaker so sorry by my english.
    Rabbiedoo, the solution for the problem is in this link

    there is a complete list of basic commands for GROMACS, in a terminal you have to put it without sudo.
    Is very hard learn and use GROMACS, so good luck!, see you

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    Re: gromacs, can't run it

    I generally have the same problem. In the synaptic package manager it says gromacs is installed (green) but I can't locate the configure command in order to configure gromacs. I am following the installation instructions given on the gromacs website, so this is before I attempt to run gromacs.

    I am using a Dell Precision T3400, Intel Core Duo 2, with ubuntu 7.10 64 bit.

    Any suggestions?


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