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Thread: Wine on Mac OS X

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    Wine on Mac OS X

    I'm trying to install Wine on Leopard but I can't seem to find a way to do it. I've tried using Darwine but it crashes a lot. I'm trying to install Cisco's Packet Tracer 5, so I was thinking of maybe purchasing Crossover from Codeweavers but I wonder if I can run it on that. Are there other ways to get Wine to run on OS X?
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    Re: Wine on Mac OS X

    Grab crossover and save yourself some headaches
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    Re: Wine on Mac OS X

    I've been using Crossover on OSX for a couple of years.

    They are a great crew; they are the major corporate suporters of Wine; the major Wine people work there, it's how they get money to eat.

    Terrific forum, which is watched closely by the dev's.

    There is a demo' available & lists of what is supported & how well, the list differs to the Transgaming (Cedega) hype, in that The Codeweavers (Crossover) team tell the truth:
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