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After trying both to compile myself, and to use the repository linked to above, I've found that neither works for me (Kubuntu Hardy).

The compile seems to be flawless, but every time I try to start mplayer I just get the following message:

And my terminal isn't printing what I type either...

If I try to use the repo, I just get told the following:

Now, I don't want to fark my system seeing as I use it for my work as well, so I have not forced the installation. Might do a DD of my root partition and give it a try, if no-one has any better suggestions on how I can get this to work?

The configure and make logs are here:

Happy surfin'!
Looks to me like you have Hardy installed instead of Intrepid. The repositories I pointed to have packages built for Intrepid. Upgrade and enable all repositories (universe, multiverse and restricted).
I said in the first post that the instructions were only for experienced users, so if this scares you I think you should wait until Jaunty is released. I expect vdpau to be standardized by then and support included in mplayer, xine, vlc and possibly gstreamer.

Frafu: I update the thread every time there's new information.