Hey,y`all...thanks for the welcomes and comments.Sure am glad to be here amongst real computer folks.Wish I`d have known about this Ubuntu and Linux stuff years ago.
Today I downloaded the Opera browser and found it to be somewhat faster and better with graphics,flash videos,and so on,than Firefox.At least on my Dell computer here it seems so.Trouble is...I love Firefox and all its` "add-ons".Guess I`ll just have to give up the "glitz-and-glitter"---which is why people get hung up on Windows in the first place.Just a bunch of smoke and mirrors.Same thing with Firefox in a lot of ways...I suppose.
Incidentally,I have a dumb question for y`all---does Ubuntu have to be defragmented and cleaned out periodically like Windows? If so...how do I go about doing it?
And what about virus protection---is this server susceptible to viruses,which are usually written in "exe.files"that constantly plague Windows? Did some mad genius come up with a virus that can penetrate this Linux script?
Sure would appreciate some feedback on all this...
----Rick James(Spencer,Indiana)
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