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Thread: [HOW TO] Video Converter for Chinavasion mp4 players

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    Lightbulb [HOW TO] Video Converter for Chinavasion mp4 players

    HOWTO: Video Converter for Chinavasion mp4 players
    Updated 2011-04

    An acquaintance of mine needed a way to convert video for his Chinavasion Touch Screen MP4 Player (aka chinese ipod touch clone) so I wrote him a bash script for that. The script is based on crmanski's video-convertor script. Changes I made to the original script are described in the Changelog section.

    1. Batch conversion;
    2. Linux, Mac OS & BSD compatible (here I will only describe how to get it working with Ubuntu/Debian systems);
    3. Supports many Chinavasion MP4 player screens and support for more can be easilly added (contact me by posting in this thread or by sending private message if your Chinavasion mp4 player is not supported).
      Supported resolutions:
      • 320x240
      • 220x176
      • 160x128
      • 128x96
    4. Video quality can be selected;
    5. Aspect ratio is automatically detected
    6. settings are saved;
    7. Can be easily translated (current translations include: english & lithuanian);
    8. Appropriate video FPS are selected depending on selected resolution;

    1. Download one of the scripts attached to this post (english and lithuanian versions available)
    2. Place the script in the Nautilus scripts folder (/home/YourUserName/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts)
    3. Make sure the file is executable
      chmod +x ~/.gnome2/nautilus-scripts/MP4-Player-Video
    4. Install mencoder:
      sudo apt-get install mencoder
    5. Select some video files. Right-click, Choose Scripts->MP4-Player-Video.
      Here is a video showing script in action:
      mirror #1
      mirror #2
      mirror #3

    Change log
    0.1 Beta, April 2011
    • Easier translation
    • Automatic aspect ratio detection
    • awk expression bug fix (shows up with newer awk)
    • use xterm to tell about missing zenity
    • major code cleanup
    • don't show file path and extension in zenity progress dialog

    Initial release (0.01 Alpha; Jan 2009); changes made to crmanski's script:
    • Settings are saved
    • All selected files are checked - not only the first
    • Cancel works correctly when pressed during conversion
    • MPEG file is correctly identified now
    • Newlines work when echoed
    • The checking if the file is video file ends instantly when any match is found

    To do
    • test & fix the bugs (if present)

    About Touch Screen Chinavasion MP4 Player

    I don't own the player myself, but anyway hare are few things you might want to know about it:
    The Good
    • Really cheap, like 50$ for 8GB model without camera
    • Radio built-in
    • Doesn't require special software to copy files to the device (acts as ordinary flash drive)
    • Smaller than ipod touch (3.70x2.17x0.59 compared with 4.3x2.4x0.31)
    • miniSD slot (unlike ipod touch)
    • Built-in speaker
    • Optional camera
    • Up to 8GB memory
    • Radio
    • Picture viewer (JPEG)
    • Built in MIC
    • Pretty good screen

    The Bad
    • No wi-fi
    • Touch screen is not really sensitive (should be ok when using stylus pencil though)
    • No firmware upgrades will be provided
    • Play/pause buttons are reversed

    Video review by Citiclown
    Attached Files Attached Files
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