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Thread: ALSA Upgrade Script

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    Re: ALSA Upgrade Script

    Many thanks!

    Just needed to
    $ export ALSA_LIBS=/usr/src/Alsa-1.0.19/alsa-lib-1.0.19
    to get through the whole thing.

    1. Ubuntu 8.10
    2. 2.6.27-11-generic
    3. 1.0.19
    5. Nothing, just experienced noise in left channel after a while
    6. The relevant log entry is this: "No package 'alsa' found"..." you may set the environment variables ALSA_CFLAGS and ALSA_LIBS "

    EDIT: It did not solve my noise problem though. It actually got wors eand now noise starts just after startup instead of a after a short while :-/
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