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Thread: KDE 4 in FreeBSD?

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    KDE 4 in FreeBSD?

    Hi I'm planning to install FreeBSD soon. I've read this article and I'm a bit curious.

    What I'd like to know is whether its possible to get the soon to be released KDE 4.2 up and running? I actually plan to wait till the 4.2 release itself by which time it should make its way into the port system hopefully.

    I understand 4.1 is there at the moment but is it possible to customize the install? Like say KDEmod for example, or even just choose to remove kde-edu or something I won't use?

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    Re: KDE 4 in FreeBSD?

    4.2 will almost certainly be added to CURRENT once it's done.

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    Re: KDE 4 in FreeBSD?

    It will be there from what I have seen.

    It's also possible to do your own 4.2RC if I'm not mistaken.

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    Re: KDE 4 in FreeBSD?

    whatever you do, dont build a meta port.


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