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    Re: Share your AppArmor Profiles

    i thought that passwords are stored in /etc/passwd. but it is not so.

    now i have been making profile for virtualbox and have searched how to allow "capability"s in log. have found there by searching "capability apparmor.d" in google: .

    i cannot change r for user or group or others in apparmor.d as it does not matter, am i, is it so ?

    sometimes "requested mask" and "denied mask" in log are different, i write to rule which is for more permissions. i have now thought/guessed that "denied .." means which part of permission is needed.

    a and w permissions are said incompatible, if they are both i set w. and if there is w i set r also not waiting it appears in log.

    why in complain mode only few lines appear after every change of rule and program restart? why all complains do not appear in one run of program?

    sudo genprof ... tries to connect to rules repository, and asks many questions, i now choose "finish".
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