Discussions about Ubuntu Clustering seem to be scattered over several forums, and discussion about the Easy Ubuntu Clustering blueprint have been dormant so long that the threads are archived and marked read-only!

I want to re-start discussion about Ubuntu clustering here, where Ubuntu users in Education and Science can contribute: This is related to my proposed blueprint for a "Bioinformatics workstation/server for Ubuntu" https://blueprints.launchpad.net/ubuntu/+spec/biobuntu, which I've marked as obsolete now that NEBC have released Bio-Linux5 based on Ubuntu 8.04 LTS http://nebc.nox.ac.uk/biolinux.html

The Beowulf 'clustering' and grid aspects of my blueprint overlap with those of the "Easy Ubuntu Clustering" blueprint. In particular, creation of Kerrighed packages for Ubuntu: Some (very) old Debian packages have been removed from the Kerrighed website because they are badly out of date with the upstream sources. I've compiled the latest Kerrighed sources under Ubuntu 8.04, and booted it successfully. I'll post details on the "Easy Ubuntu Clustering" wiki https://wiki.ubuntu.com/EasyUbuntuClustering