My ISO has neeeearrrly finished downloading. At last.

I'm just a teensy bit anxious about it because I see quite a few posts from people going "how do I boot.." and well, so far in linux, I boot by pressing the 'on' button.

I have some live CDs so I can rescue things but I'd rather not completely bugger it up in the first five minutes.

My existing partition is a 4 gig swap at the start of the drive, an 8 gig (I think?) root partition and the remainder for /home. Doing that seemed to give me a speed increase from my previous "just format the whole disk" setup (or is it my imagination?)


Is there anything I should know before I pop the disk in the hard drive and attempt to 'follow the bouncing ball'?

(If you've got a link to an idiot-proof guide, that'd be grand. The slack site is talking about a boot floppy... I haven't owned a floppy drive for several years!)

Yes, yes, I know if I'm THIS much of a noobie I should probably stick with nice safe Ubuntu, but this is much more fun ... press buttons, see what happens. Take things apart, put them back together, wonder where those extra nuts and bolts belonged.....