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I have recently gone back to triple-booting OS X/Windows/Ubuntu on my MBP 4,1.

Now WiFi is sorted OOTB, I figured it would be less painful, less dicking about than it used to be.

However, trying to find the relevant information through these forums and the Wiki(s) was a nightmare. I honestly think it could do with an overhaul.

Its VERY hard to find specific information on these boards, no matter how clever you are with the search engine, you WILL end up with pages and pages of threads to trawal through.

Its taken me two days of digging about, to get *everything* working - and I mean 2 FULL days!
One of the reasons it is so messy right now is that things ARE in an overhaul. See the "Before You Post" link in my signature to get to the right documentation for a specific mac version. You can find out more about what we are doing through the following thread:
And there is a lot of planning and organizational info here: