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    HOWTO: Installing Neverwinter Nights Platinum and Diamond Edition now with Movies!

    Easy Howto.

    1: Enable the Universe repository; Open up Synaptic Package Manager, System -> Administration -> Synaptic Package Manager. Enter in your Password. Click on Settings, and select Repositories. Click Add. Then put check marks in the box for Community maintained (Universe) and while you're at it, may as well put one in Non-free (Multiverse)

    2: After clicking OK on both dialogs, click Search and type in unshield. It will show three packages, just double click on unshield and it will ask you if you also want to mark libunshield, which is required. Click Mark. Click Search again and type in msttcorefonts. Double click it to queue the package and click Apply. This will download and install both Unshield and the fonts required by Nevewinter Nights. Unshield is required by the installer.

    3: Download the script (attached). Extract it, then right click on the script in the File Manager and select properties. Then select the Permissions tab. On the Owner line, put a check in Execute. Click close.

    4: Double click on the and select Run in Terminal.
    Note for Edgy Eft users! You must first change the /bin/sh symbolic link. To do this simply run
    sudo dpkg-reconfigure dash
    Select No, and it'll change your shell to bash. After installing the game, you'll probably want to switch back to using dash, as to not mess up any advantages of speed that dash may provide. Run the command again and select Yes.

    5: A terminal window will open, asking if you're installing the Platinum or Diamond edition. Then it will ask for CD or DVD version. Select the proper one, then enter. Then it asks for the cdrom path. On Ubuntu, this will be /media/cdrom for the first drive. Next is the install directory. By default this is /usr/local/games/nwn. Change this if you'd like. If you're going to install there, you will need to use sudo. If you don't have multiple people using your computer, then just put it in /home/<username>/nwn. Next it asks for the current patch version that is located in the users home directory (1.66 is the newest patch. There is a 1.67beta4, but the installer doesn't directly support that yet).

    Important: When the script asks "Do you wish for the script to mount the CD (Y/n)" you'll want to choose NO. This is because Ubuntu will automatically mount the CDs for you when you insert them. For the group, it is safe enough to just hit enter (since you should already be in the users group.) If you'd like, you can also change group to games. If you do this, then only users in the games group can play it. This of course could be useful if you have children with their own accounts on your computer, and you ground them from games. Just make sure that you add yourself the the group games.

    Last but not least, start inserting the CDs. It starts off with disk 2. (Hint: You'll know when to hit enter on the script, because Nautilus will open up a window showing what is on the CD/DVD you just inserted. This shows that it is mounted and the script can do it's thing) To eject a CD/DVD, right click on the icon on the desktop and select eject.

    6: There is no step number 6

    7: After installation, if you want an icon either on the desktop or on the menu you will need to edit the nwn start up script. Just
    gedit ~/nwn/nwn
    and add a line
    cd /home/<username>/nwn
    Mine looks like this;

    # This script runs Neverwinter Nights from current directory
    cd /home/leech/nwn
    export SDL_VIDEO_X11_DGAMOUSE=0
    # If you do not wish to use the SDL library included in the package, remove ./lib from LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    export LD_LIBRARY_PATH=./lib:./miles:$LD_LIBRARY_PATH
    export LD_PRELOAD=./
    ./nwmain $@
    7a: For a desktop Icon, simply right click on the desktop, and select Create Launcher. Enter the Name (Neverwinter Nights), You don't really need Generic name or Comment. For the command you can either Browse to /home/<username>/nwn and select the nwn file. For the Icon, you can click on the button that says No Icon, and then browse to /home/<username>/nwn and select nwn.ico.

    7b: For a menu entry. Select Applications -> System Toos -> Applications Menu Editor. Then in the left hand column, select Games. Then press the New Entry button. The rest is exactly like installing the desktop Launcher above. Then quit the Menu Editor and you will have a Neverwinter Nights menu entry under Applications -> Games.

    8: Now load the game up. After the initial boot screen, you will be asked for the CD-Keys. They are printed inside the front cover of your manual. You will have to enter the key for the Original Neverwinter Nights twice. I have no idea why, but it asks for it twice. The others are only required once.

    Please note that this is for the Platinum or Diamond Editions of Neverwinter Nights. For the Original, Gold, Shadows of Undertide or Hordes of the Underdark there is a graphical installer located at

    Update:Now supports Diamond edition and 1.67 patch. Thanks go to the creator of the Install Script.

    Neverwinter Nights with Movies!

    Get the latest version here.

    Bink video player is here.

    1) Copy nwmovies-latest.tar.gz into your nwn directory and untar it with 'tar xfvzp nwmovies-latest.tar.gz'

    2) Install development packages for SDL and ELF, also you'll need gcc, etc.
    sudo apt-get install build-essential libelfg0-dev libsdl1.2-dev libsdl-gfx1.2-4 libsdl-gfx1.2-dev libsdl-mixer1.2
    3) Run the with './ /usr/lib/' (as a side note, if you installed nwn to /usr/local/games/nwn with sudo, you'll also need to run the script with sudo.)

    4) Edit the nwn script. Put the line 'export LD_PRELOAD=./' right above the line that says './nwmain $@'

    5) Copy into your nwn folder and unzip it with 'unzip' then run 'chmod +x BinkPlayer'

    Now run nwn as you normally would, the first time that you run it, will create a cache for your movies, as the text instructs, just run it a second time and you should have movies within the game!

    Additional Note: You do not need to remove the ./lib from the nwn script as it says. As a user has discovered, that will break the movies. Not sure why this is, since we specified to use the System SDL library, but there must be some incompatibilities.

    Hope this is helpful.


    P.S. This was originally posted in I created a new thread for it since it's been asked about a few times and this is easier to find.

    Update: Placed the fix for Edgy users in a more obvious place.
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    Neverwinter Nights Platinum HowTo


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