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hello, sorry to bother (i just want to know)

So, I have a static internal dhcp address wich is tied to my mac address.

I logged into my router configuration webpage, and did it from there.

Is it the same thing you guys are doing here???

And no matter what os I use it has the same address because is tied (duh) to the hardware.

well ive honestly tried thew pidgin irc but nobody ever replies to me.

so I come here to haunt people

no, their talking about turning off DHCP entirely, and configuring ubuntus IP settings manually.

you have pointed out an interesting side affect of binding licenses to MACs (the multiple OS's). Most high end dhcp devices do that by default.
I use static addresses on my net (it's small enough to get away with it), and usually manually configure both OSs on a dual boot to use the same IP.