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Thread: grub2 EFI boot loader internal/external booting

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    grub2 EFI boot loader internal/external booting

    Grub2 Ubuntu Wiki
    Good intro to the Grub2 packages current status and testing, common features for grub-pc grub-efi.

    Grub wiki howto's for Apple efi

    grub2 source.

    MailingLists - Grub Wiki grub-devel.

    IRC channel #grub

    grub.efi installation booting Xserve

    Ubuntu wiki page for grub.efi

    13 july 2009
    Bean's latest update to support later Apple Macs EFI graphics protocol change from UGA Draw to Graphics UEFI (MBP5.2, 5.3 and others).

    Source Patch at grub-devel thread 'Support graphics output protocol in EFI, Bean' 12july2009, link at post #856
    Beta binary grub.efi , note fakebios --enable-rom at post #849
    Check graphics protocol using' About rEFIt', post #847/8

    23 june 2099 post #772
    grub-efi64.tar.gz at post #772 is a small package with a 64bit binary from the grub-efi_1.96+20090523-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb, plus example grub.cfg for an external boot.

    17 june 2009 (page 77 post #766 )
    Ubuntu karmic alpha has < grub-efi_1.96+20090523-1ubuntu1_amd64.deb >, which is up to SVN grub2 rev 2233 - with all the Apple Intel Mac revs from grub devs Bean and phcoder, you can install this in ubuntu and then run grub-mkimage from linux to build your grub.efi with preloaded modules.

    14 may 2009 post #762
    rev 2202 fat binary posted (for 64 and 32 bit efi).

    24 april 2009
    Xserve2,1 with 10GB RAM booting linux. post #680 patched svn grub2 rev 2121

    11 april 2009
    SVN grub2 rev 2074 has latest patches for Apple efi as debugged on here..

    9 april 2009
    Latest grub.efi binaries at post #523, some later binaries with additional debugging output. Not finalised on grub-devel and SVN yet.

    25 march 2009

    Testing svn rev 2043 starting post #483 with separate patch loadrom.diff for
    imac81 x86_64 with ati radeon 2600HD and ati fglrx driver agp. (all working).

    17 March2009.
    Latest binary grub32 and grub64 efi at post #405
    Not yet on SVN trunk

    This thread is a record of discussion and debugging about the grub2 grub-efi bootloader on an Apple intel mac. ( Grub2 can also be configured for pc-bios and openfirmware. ) grub.efi can boot external drives and can be installed on OSX or other HFSPlus partitons. Requires kernel version 2.6.26 or later.

    2008 Apple intel macs changed from 32bit to 64 bit firmware.
    So there is grub.efi for 32 bit and 64 bit.

    You can use it without refit, but then it must be blessed which can only be done by Macosx or the Macosx install DVD.

    It is blessed using a terminal in macosx
    Something like this (drag the filenames from the finder widow to the terminal window command line)

    mb:~ pxw$ sudo bless --folder /Volumes/hfsp/efi/ --file /Volumes/hfsp/efi/grub/grub.efi

    Links -
    GNU GRUB Wiki
    Browsing the SVN Repository
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