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Thread: [SOLVED] Command-LIne Beginner: Best Way To Learn CL?

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    Question [SOLVED] Command-LIne Beginner: Best Way To Learn CL?

    In anyone's or everyone's opinion, what is the best way for me to learn command line programming? Or should I call it command line architecture? Or structure? Here's my reasoning:

    In reading the following page:, I was reading where repository changes could be made with graphical interface, which is obviously the easiest way for a newbie like myself to start adding/removing programs, but there is also a section that says, info3.png Software sources can also be managed by making direct modifications to this file using the command line. If you prefer to use the command line instead of a graphical user interface, see Managing Repositories from the Command Line instead.

    GUI-based repository management is normally accomplished via the "Software Sources" panel. This panel can be accessed via two menus:


    Software Sources: System > Administration > Software Sources.

    Synaptic: System > Administration > Synaptic >> Settings >> Repositories.
    * You will have to enter your password to gain access to the page.
    And so I thought that repositories, since I might be able to double check my work via graphical interface, would be a good place to start my language education.

    I suppose I'm looking for advice one where you all think I should start.


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    Re: Command-LIne Beginner: Best Way To Learn CL?

    one command at a time

    i first knew cd, ls, how to run a program, and apt-get...and i just built from there...and googled and manpaged when needed

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    Re: Command-LIne Beginner: Best Way To Learn CL?

    This is a nice place to start, I find:

    Another good way to become familiar with the CLI is to ask questions on specific tasks here and if you are given commands to run, ask what they do.

    Also, the manual pages of the commands will quickly become a good friend of yours. E.g. type in
    man tar
    and see if you can make any sense of it. Try things out. Create a test directory in which you can play around with commands.

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    Re: Command-LIne Beginner: Best Way To Learn CL?

    Take a look at Basic Commands from the Ubuntu Wiki:

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    Re: Command-LIne Beginner: Best Way To Learn CL?

    I've pointed several people to this guide and they really seem to love it. A reason I like it is because its not biased to one distro. This guide applies to GNU/Linux.
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