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Thread: Locked topic?

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    Locked topic?

    Im wondering why it was locked? I am trying to make the bootable pen using ubuntu so i would have thought its valid on this forum

    I hope i didnt break any rules, could it be unlocked or moved to the correct forum or anything?

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    Re: Locked topic?

    The process of "remastering" a Windows XP installation disc so that it boots from USB is detailed elsewhere on the Internet, and consists of modifications to the installer that are arguably shady in terms of compliance with the EULA. We at UbuntuForums would rather not walk this thin line between advanced customization and downright copyright violation, and recommend that you seek support for this issue from another discussion board that has more expertise in dealing with such matters.

    There is no general way that works for booting an XP installation CD from a USB mass storage class medium.
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    Re: Locked topic?

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