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Thread: Quite a challenge for you Ubuntu-ers out there!

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    Lightbulb Quite a challenge for you Ubuntu-ers out there!

    Is it possible... to run the host windows XP (the one wubi is installed in) installation, in something like VirtualBox?

    Now i understand you just can run windows in VirtualBox, so don't tell me to do that. I would want to run the already existing physical, installation in a virtual enviornment on top of ubuntu. I hope that made sense to you all. Any information, even information about my "epic fail" of an ubuntu experience.

    If you can pull this off... this would be quite a breakthrough, especially with the use of virutalbox's seamless feature, you would be able to use 2 systems at once (don't get me wrong i love ubuntu, but i mean common, there are still somethings that are better done in windows).


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    Re: Quite a challenge for you Ubuntu-ers out there!

    You need to re-install windows inside virtualbox, you cannot use virtualbox to boot an existing installation, also because the virtualized hardware is different from the real hardware you have.

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