When I last upgraded to Ubuntu 8.04, I had problems with Evolution crashing immediately on starting. I switched to Seamonkey, had managed to export all my existing mailboxes from Evolution to Seamonkey and was happily using it for six months. (Also removed Evolution) Now when I have upgraded to 8.10, Evolution is back again, and now it is Seamonkey which crashes!
I have found that when the opening browser page is loading, I can click on 'Stop' and then go to the 'mail and newsgroups' page. If I dont 'stop' the browser page, then it opens and crashes immediately. Next, when I go to the mailbox and click on any mail, whole of Seamonkey crashes in an instant.
Has anyone else faced similar problems. If Evolution is better than Seamonkey, I dont mind switching back again, but then I dont know how to export mails from Seamonkey. For that to happen, it has to work first!