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    Re: Conky Exaile Python Script

    Quote Originally Posted by akahige View Post
    Helped quite a bit, actually. I'd skimmed the updated readme, but didn't quite get that this was a new and necessary way of doing things, and not just an improved and compact one.

    The one thing that I can't seem to grok -- and this wasn't real clear in the previous version, even though I got it to work -- is the way in which the custom status text is called. Where does it go?

    I'm using this (or trying to):
    Now [--datatype=ST --statustext=Playing,Paused,Stopped]:
    ...but it's not being read. Also tried it in front of the datatype (where it was in the initial incarnation that worked with the previous version), but it didn't work there, either.
    If you're not concerned about CPU usage then running what you had before is fine, however using a template means everything will gather via a single dbus call and get output, so CPU usage should go down.

    I'll take a look when I get home, maybe I've missed the --statustext setting out of the template functionality, so it's not getting picked up?
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