After I installed Intrepid on my Samsung Q210, my graphics controller was treated as VGA compatible controller, I was not able to set proper screen resolution, change display brightness, etc. I was only able to select resolution from 1024x768, 800x600 and 640x480.

Then, after I installed system updates and restarted the computer, I discovered that screen resolution is set properly, to 1280x800.

When computer was asking password after hibernation, it suddenly switched off. After I turned it on I saw same awfull 1024x768 and another restarts won't help.

Please, help me to reset proper screen resolution, I cannot restore it from System>Preferences>Screen relolution: it is excluded from the list again, just like after the installation.


Just in case: Samsung q210 is shipped in two configurations: with integrated Intel GMA X4500 and with GeForce 9200M.
My notebook is without GeForce graphics card.