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Thread: Gateway M275 with Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04.1)

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    Gateway M275 Tablet laptop with Ubuntu Hardy Heron (8.04.1)

    I was recently given a Gateway M275 Tablet PC laptop in a non-functioning state. This laptop ships with Windows XP Tablet, but a clean format and the Recovery CD failed to bring it back to a working state. I thought "If I'm going to have to fight with laptop drivers, I might as well fight with Linux drivers".

    (I may summarize my Windows results later, but that is basically outside the scope of this forum apart from what it may tell me about my hardware specifically)

    So, this is a report on the things I've learned, and perhaps more importantly, the issues I am still trying to resolve.

    If you read this and find it helpful, please drop a comment saying so.
    Or, if you read this and it doesn't address some problem (either something else that you have solved, or something that hasn't even yet been solved) a response would be helpful there too.

    Any pointers and or help about outstanding issues would be greatly appreciated.

    As a disclaimer: I am certainly not a Linux expert, but I like to think I am a quick leaner. If I've made mistakes, please help me make corrections for the entire community's benefit.

    bonus tags: Gateway, M275, tablet, linux, ubuntu, hardy, 8.04, gnome, wacom, drivers, graphics
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