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Thread: Please revive my "Linux practical Jokes" thread.

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    Please revive my "Linux practical Jokes" thread.

    Hello all !

    I do not see a good reason for sending my "Linux practical Jokes" thread to jail.
    As I've explained to bapoumba :

    "Hello !

    Off course I have access to all my co workers PC's , we cannot work otherwise.
    It's not that I have stolen his password.
    It's not cracking or stealing, it's all legit.

    Practical jokes at work are very common issue, there is nothing wrong with that as long as the jokes are harmless.

    I see nothing wrong with my thread, I do not each anything harmful or illegal nor do I ask to be thought those things.
    It's the same as taking a screenshot at windows PC's and then hiding the icons leaving your friend think "what's wrong" , it's a good joke and it's harmless.

    I ask you to revive this thread."

    The subject of this thread is harmless and funny.
    If people won't find it here they will look on other sites, there are already many websites of "Windows practical jokes" no reason we shouldn't have one.

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    Re: Please revive my "Linux practical Jokes" thread.

    Well, I am known as quite a prankster/jokester, but after reviewing that thread in the jail, a lot of the suggestions made were not practical jokes -- they were seriously harmful, whether to the hardware or software.

    So, no, I do not agree with reviving that thread. However, if you want to give a second try, clearly stating to suggest things that are not harmful to his OS or physical hardware and are easily reversed, I wouldn't mind doing that.
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