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Thread: [BUG] virtual terminal and kernel panic

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    [BUG] virtual terminal and kernel panic

    Ubuntu 8.10, 32-bits.

    First, switch to a text console, e.g. console_4,
    with <ctrl><alt><f4>. Login as root.

    Then use loadkeys and assign SAK to some key,
    e.g. <ctrl><alt><break>.

    Finally, press SAK. Result:
    - attempt to kill init
    - kernel panic

    Can somebody try this on his own hardware?

    Thanks a lot.


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    Re: [BUG] virtual terminal and kernel panic: further details

    I tried sundry assignments of SAK in the text console,
    e.g. even innocuous one like F12. They all lead to
    kernel panic.

    It does not seem it is a problem with my hardware since
    on the same hardware openSuSe 11 does permit SAK in pure
    text mode, that is no X running.

    However, even openSuSe goes belly up is SAK is pressed
    in Console_7, X graphics.


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