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    Welcome to the Virtualization Mega thread.


    Post 1 Overview of (major) options.
    Post 2 How to's on the Ubuntu Forums.
    • If anyone wishes to maintain some of these, please PM me

    Post 3 Tips - Networking.
    Post 4 Tips - USB Devices.
    Post 5 Tips - File Sharing between hosts and guests.
    Post 6 Tips - Boot Physical Partitions.
    Post 7 Tips - Remote management / Web Interface.
    Post 8 Tips - Guest Enhancements.
    Post 9 Tips - Manage Guests from the Command Line.


    It is difficult to find a good (unbiased) review of virtualization options and I will do my best to give my impressions of each option.

    I do not mean to come across as a big fan of Wikipedia, but in trying to provide an introduction and attempt to provide a more neutral overview it seems a good place to start.

    Non-wikipedia: Here is a nice overview

    And of course Wikipedia :

    Reminder: The Ubuntu wiki is community maintained. If you see a page that needs clarification or updating please consider contributing to the wiki.

    Open source options
    • QEMU / KVM.
    • OpenVZ.
    • VirtualBox (OSE).
    • Xen.

    Closed source options
    • Citrix XenServer.
    • Parallels (comercial version of OpenVZ).
    • VirtualBox (PUEL).
    • VMWare (Player and Server).

    Performance : Fastest to slowest

    This is my personal subjective list and I offer it as, without any benchmarks or pretense of non-bias (I have no personal experience with Xen):

    OpenVZ > KVM > VirtualBox = VMware Server 1.0.x > VMWare Server 2.0 > Qemu + Kqemu > Qemu

    Wikipedia :
    Ubuntu wiki:
    Home page :
    Forums :
    Gui front ends : Yes.

    Wikipedia :
    Ubuntu wiki:
    Home Page :
    Forums :
    Gui front end: Yes.

    OpenVZ (Parallels)
    Wikipedia :
    Ubuntu wiki :
    Home page :
    User Guide :
    Parallels :
    Forums :
    Gui front ends : No
    Comments: OpenVZ is supported in Ubuntu 8.04 (Gutsy) but is not yet in the Intrepid repos.

    Wikipedia :
    Ubuntu wiki :
    Home page :
    Citrix :
    Forums :
    Gui front ends : Yes.
    Comments: It appears Xen will no longer be maintained server side (Dom0 / Host) in Ubuntu. Client side (DomU / Guest) is supported. See the "how-to" post for a link to how-to-forge (which by report works on 8.10).

    Wikipedia :
    Ubuntu wiki :
    Home page :
    Forums :
    Gui front ends : Yes.
    Comments: OSE has some limitations. See VirtualBox Editions

    Wikipedia :
    Ubuntu wiki :
    Home page :
    Forums :
    Gui front ends : Yes.
    Comments : I know it is closed source, but IMO VMWare server offers some nice features (64 bit guests, bridging to wireless cards, easier networking).

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