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Thread: WOW wont work please help :| !

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    Unhappy WOW wont work please help :| !

    hi ,
    i recently started using ubuntu and i am not very good with computers ...
    i downloaded all i was told to download to play wow for example wine and other applications.
    i installed wow and when it is at the start up page i cannot click play and it says downloading new patch. but i thought it was just a slow connection so i left it over night to download and hadn't moved.
    any simple instructions or help please ! Thanks for your time .

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    Re: WOW wont work please help :| !

    Uhhh, Not sure what your talking about. You could try using my Guide to see if you can get it working. Not sure even what your problem is...
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    Re: WOW wont work please help :| !

    The only thing I can suggest is trying to download the patch(es) you need from a site like Some troubleshooting ideas to consider:

    1) Have you installed WoW before on the same computer.
    2) Have you had any other internet problems.
    3) Do you get any sort of error code from the Blizz Downloader Client.

    Aside from this, I'm not too sure what the problem is; I have yet to personally encounter this problem. I hope someone can help you out.

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