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Thread: remove me from jail please!!!!!!!!!!

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    Thumbs up remove me from jail please!!!!!!!!!!

    sorry but i was not knowing that it was a piracy...
    please don't delete my account..
    as i am new so i was trying to make ubuntu as windows. it was a mistake.
    and as the torrent which i downloaded from, the site of torrent downloading and there was no comments about it and it was an ubuntu file, so i downloaded it..
    listen i am new in linux and have post new threads, so it will b diff. for me ...
    please understand...
    don't block or delete or unattened my acc.
    please remove me from jail.
    i will not do it again

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    Re: remove me from jail please!!!!!!!!!!

    It's okay, only your post containing the illegitimate topic is in the jail -- your account is okay. These kinds of mistakes do happen, and we understand that

    You can continue using the forums
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